CLAM Viewers

class clam.common.viewers.AbstractViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'abstractviewer'
mimetype = 'text/html'
name = 'Unspecified Viewer'
view(file, **kwargs)

Returns the view itself, in xhtml (it’s recommended to use flask’s template system!). file is a CLAMOutputFile instance. By default, if not overriden and a remote service is specified, this issues a GET to the remote service.

class clam.common.viewers.FLATViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'flatviewer'
name = 'Open in FLAT'
view(file, **kwargs)
class clam.common.viewers.FoLiAViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'foliaviewer'
name = 'FoLiA Viewer'
view(file, **kwargs)
class clam.common.viewers.SimpleTableViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'tableviewer'
name = 'Table viewer'
view(file, **kwargs)
class clam.common.viewers.SoNaRViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'sonarviewer'
name = 'SoNaR Viewer'
view(file, **kwargs)
class clam.common.viewers.XSLTViewer(**kwargs)
id = 'xsltviewer'
name = 'XML Viewer'
view(file, **kwargs)